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A Poisonous Mist Is Brewing 

Each century, a group of heroes is sent to the Ancient Grove. There, the God of the Grove takes it's Sacred Breath to clear the poisonous mist for another 100 years.

Eighty years after the last Sacred Breath, an unusual breeze passes through the town of Crystal Springs. It seems the poisonous mist is brewing earlier than expected.

To find out what’s going on, a group of heroes is gathered and sent to the Ancient Grove twenty years earlier than expected.

Time and Risk

The journey to the Grove takes two weeks, but many choices lie in the way. Which way will you go? What will you do? Each zone has a choice, and each choice takes time and has associated risk. 

When a choice is made, roll for TROUBLE. Trouble leads to combat or unfortunate circumstances!

Will you go fast and risky, or slow and steady? 

Rules Lite

To play Sacred Breath, you'll need:

  • A Game Master with a big, imaginative brain
  • Any number of players
  • At least one six-sided die (preferably one per human)
  • A way to keep track of HP and the overall TIME

A session of Sacred Breath should take one to three hours, depending on how lucky the players are!


Scenario and Game Design by Zac Citron @zaccitron zaccitron.com

UX/Graphic Design by Cody Owens @shuuwastaken

CategoryPhysical game
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
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AuthorsZacCitron, Shuu_37


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Hi Zac, how are you? I found the proposal of your game super interesting, congratulations man. I just read the rules and I thought, wow, what elegant and clear rules, and I was really looking forward to playing Sacred Breath. I imagine that these system that you developed can be applied to any proposed scenario, regardless of the style such as fantasy or science fiction, no? Will we see more ideas for Sacred Breath soon?